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Interception of Communications in the United Kingdom Consultation Library

Fri Aug 13th 1999

The Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIPR) is offering its web site as a library for submissions to the Home Office's consultation on interception of communications which closes today, Aug 13th 1999.

In an effort to promote openness and the sharing of ideas and opinions, FIPR would like to offer all interested individuals, organisations, and groups the opportunity publish their consultation responses for public review.

Caspar Bowden, director of FIPR, commented "the systematic capability for Internet interception envisaged by the Home Office raises important technical and cost issues for the industry, which directly relate to the adequacy of arrangements for oversight, accountability, and data protection."

FIPR advisory council members have written and gathered past submissions to make them available electronically, including those for the DTI's 1997 consultation on trusted-third parties, and the March 1999 consultation on electronic commerce ( currently has 40 submissions).

Please send your response by e-mail to Gus Hosein.

We request that the submitted document is in ascii text or html format (but we can also accept Postscript, PDF, and MS-Word). If you would prefer us to link to a document on your own site, just send us the URL.

The Home Office consultation paper is available on the Internet.

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