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This Information Centre concentrates mostly on the Interception of Communications Act and its review. For the most recent developments, please go to the FIPR Regulation of Investigatory Powers Information Centre.

From 1996 until 1999, the renewal of the Interception of Communications within the UK was occurring to a large extent within the UK Government efforts to regulate encryption services, which altogether was part of the Electronic Commerce Initiatives (see Electronic Commerce Information Centre). However, after the Queen's Speech in November 1999, many of the controversial clauses in the Electronic Commerce Draft Bill were removed, or transferred to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill.

The summer of 1999 was also the consultation period for the renewal of the 1985 Interception of Communications Act.

This Information Centre therefore overlaps somewhat with early Electronic Commerce policy initiatives, but we expect, and look forward a clear demarcation from November 1999 onwards, which will improve the quality of the debate.

History: Key Reports and Resources, UK

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Results from the Queen's Speech: FIPR Commentary

Encryption Policy makes Ombudsman 1999 Report

Information Regarding Case No.A23/99, on the Department of Trade and Industry's Refusal to release information relating to the development of encryption policy.

The report is available on-line from the Parliament Ombudsman, but is in PDF. Alternatively, an html version is available at Cryptome.

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