11th July 2000 : RIP status report in advance of Lords Report Stage debate (12th/13th July)


See also RIP Information Centre at www.fipr.org/rip, now updated with RIP Bill marked-up to show effect of Government amendments and marshalled list of all amendments


·        UK will be only G8 nation with Government Access to Keys (GAK) – see sample Notice

·        ISPs make contingency plans – Poptel, GreenNet and ClaraNet to provide offshore services

·        102 amendments tabled for Report Stage – critical legal and technical issues unresolved

·        Codes of Practice unsurprising (Interception – Pt.I) or evasive (Encryption - Pt.III)


Government amendments concede too little, too late:

No change


Conservative and LibDem peers unite on amendments to curb RIP's worst excesses:


Caspar Bowden, director of FIPR commented: "The sample decryption notices vividly illustrate the chilling reality of government access to keys with an indefinite secrecy obligation. Both structural and technical problems with RIP are still emerging – and faster than government can fix. The Codes of Practice are unconvincing and their contravention is not illegal. The oversight is split between three Commissioners and all pretence of consistency has been abandoned"


On key safety: Brian Gladman (FIPR Advisory Council) said: “The Bill at last requires seized keys to be kept safe but only when obtained to decode intercepted information – there is no guaranteed protection for innocent parties whose keys to stored data can be seized for broad purposes under a wide range of other powers"