11th July

GreenNet are considering the implications for our users privacy of information and our legal position in defending that privacy if the RIP Bill becomes law. One of our options would be to move to another location not bound by UK law. We are in discussion with Poptel about how we can work together on this issue, as we have similar concerns about the proposed bill and its implications for civil society. Of particular concern to us is that the definition of "serious crime" warranting an interception of communication order will continue to include "offences involving a large number of persons in pursuit of a common purpose". This definition poses a serious threat to civil rights and is wholly inappropriate in the context of Home Office assurances that they want to ensure full protection of human and civil rights under an amended Act. We do not accept that such activities as, for instance, a large number of people planning an unauthorised demonstration should be classified as a "serious crime".

Liz Probert, on behalf of the GreenNet Collective

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