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Why that joke email could get you the sack
2 December 2000

'They were not even very good jokes. Certainly not the sort of thing you would send to your mother, but exactly the same as thousands of other smutty emails that whizz their way round the computers of Britain's offices every day.

But for Rupert Beverley and David Pennington, who worked for an engineering company in Huddersfield, forwarding the messages to colleagues was the worst mistake they ever made. Earlier this month an industrial tribunal unanimously rejected their claim for unfair dismissal. It found the company was perfectly within its rights to sack them not only for sending the emails - but more worryingly for the thousands of workers whose in-boxes are filled with personal mail - for the amount of time wasted in the process.' link

Posted by SteveC at 02:53 PM Sat 2 Dec 2000 Categories: RIP Interception (Part I Chapter 1) , The Guardian