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Our missing million
10 November 2003

'The reason why a national identity card could be a fiasco to compare with the Child Support Agency is the same reason why the population of Manchester jumped by 29,500 last week, why 800,000 healthy young men vanished in the 1990s and why serious newspapers should stop treating the results of opinion polls as facts. A significant minority of the public is refusing to co-operate with officialdom. Every variety of survey and poll is being affected, says Professor Roger Jowell, the former director of the British Social Attitudes Survey, now at City University, London. 'It used to be when you said you were doing something for the Government, people would feel they had a duty to co-operate. Now they say "screw you".' link

Posted by SteveC at 09:43 PM Mon 10 Nov 2003 Categories: ID Cards , Surveillance & Security , The Observer