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Archives for 'Misc' category.

RIPA: a puzzling statute - Misc

"98. We have found RIPA to be a particularly puzzling statute and have found the points relevant to the third question difficult to decide. They are points which are of considerable significance for the future. Section 36(3) of the 1972 Act expressly provides that this court may of its own motion refer the point or points to the House of Lords if it appears to the court that it or they should be considered by the House of Lords. The House of Lords has already considered the 1985 Act ('a short but difficult statute') on a number of occasions. RIPA too is in our view a difficult statute (if somewhat longer) and it is our present view that the points raised by the questions we have tried to answer (and especially those raised by the third question) should be considered by the House of Lords." link

Posted by SteveC at 02:38 PM Tue 17 Jun 2003 Categories: Misc
Stallman supports Internet Campaign - Internet Magazine

Stallman supports Internet Campaign

Posted by SteveC at 01:05 PM Fri 6 Apr 2001 Categories: Internet Magazine , Misc
Manifesto for the Internet - Internet Magazine

A Manifesto for the Internet - Repeal the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act immediately ... consult widely on new legislation which will allow police and other agencies the legal power they need to investigate crime without damaging the security of the Net and without trampling over the civil liberties of every one of us.

Posted by SteveC at 01:45 PM Sun 1 Apr 2001 Categories: Internet Magazine , Misc
Is New Labour delivering on its ecommerce promises? - VNUNET

'According to a former UK Government press officer, New Labour's technique for getting ideas into UK citizens' heads is to repeat its slogans again, and again, and again.' link

Posted by SteveC at 03:02 PM Fri 19 May 2000 Categories: Misc , VNUNET