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Archives for 'NTK' category.

NTK 2000-07-28 - NTK

'First, the bad news: RIP got Royal Assent a few hours ago. The good news? It's all futile anyway. As a valued NTK subscriber, we know you value your privacy. We also know you are some sort of international cocaine smuggler (How do we know? Cookies, my friend, cookies). So you won't need us to remind you that you can bypass the twenty million pounds plus worth of surveillance technology that the government is foisting onto the ISP industry with a nifty combo of PGP/GnuGP, an offshore ssh shell account, and maybe a subscription to ZeroKnowledge's Freedom.' link

Posted by SteveC at 04:21 PM Fri 28 Jul 2000 Categories: NTK
NTK 2000-07-14 - NTK

'As NTK readers' attention spans collapse under the barrage of our saturation RIP coverage, we thought we'd enter a bit of a quiet period. But afore we go, one final glimpse at the one remaining pressure group still supporting the Bill: self-proclaimed protector of the kids, BARONESS THORNTON (wife of anti-RIP rentaquote, John Carr). In the dying moments of the Lords debate, the good Baroness launched a spectacular, and somewhat desperate, attack on critics of the Bill.' link

Posted by SteveC at 04:55 PM Fri 14 Jul 2000 Categories: NTK
NTK 2000-06-30 - NTK

'Our deadhead E-ENVOY finally responded to the hundreds of complaints about RIP sent to his office, by talking to a bunch of Americans about it. He said that some Britons were worried that RIP allowed "snooping on all e-mail traffic", and added the reality was "very different". He also got the name of the bill wrong, which may mean he's in a different reality himself. Some clues to this parallel universe: the same week, he told MPs that there was no reverse burden of proof in the Bill. Which is odd, because days later Lord Bassam gave an amendment which removed the nonexistent reverse burden.' link

Posted by SteveC at 01:20 PM Fri 30 Jun 2000 Categories: NTK , Reverse of burden of proof
NTK 2000-06-23 - NTK

A defender for RIP! John Carr has been quick to come to the defence of the new bill, telling the OBSERVER newspaper that "Children, consumers, trading companies and financial institutions have all been targeted and harmed, some very seriously" by the evil cyberterrorists that the bill will thwart. He does this, of course, in his role as outspokensman for NCH Action for Children - and certainly not as the husband of Baroness Thornton, the peer most keen in the house get the industry to pay for RIP.' link

Posted by SteveC at 12:45 PM Fri 23 Jun 2000 Categories: NTK , RIP Interception (Part I Chapter 1)
NTK 2000-06-16 - NTK

'Oh, so *now* everyone's saying RIP's bad? As the bill enter the Lords, the Guardian ("disgraceful"), the Observer ("your privacy ends here"), the Financial Times ("objectionable"), the Independent ("crass"), the Evening Standard ("a nightmare out of George Orwell") and even Computer Weekly ("torpedo the bill") finally spotted the deliberate mistakes.' link

Posted by SteveC at 03:55 PM Fri 16 Jun 2000 Categories: Cost to industry , NTK
NTK 2000-05-05 - NTK

'Oh, and we also love Nick Palmer MP, who claimed on Channel Four news that plans were already far advanced for a law that would stop ILOVEYOU ever happening again. Yes, it's that darn RIP bill, still struggling to find supporters in the real world.' link

Posted by SteveC at 03:35 PM Fri 5 May 2000 Categories: Govt. Consultations , NTK
NTK 2000-04-28 - NTK

'Third reading is on May 8th. Let's see if the government can find someone who actually likes the new law by then' link

Posted by SteveC at 02:52 PM Fri 28 Apr 2000 Categories: Govt. Consultations , NTK
NTK 2000-03-24 - NTK

Like a supply teacher late for his first class, Charles Clarke, Home Office minister in charge of Not Being Scared by The Crypto Freaks, looked most put out by the giggling during his speech at Wednesday's SCRAMBLING FOR SAFETY. Whenever he tried to praise the work done by the experts in the audience, the experts laughed - and not in a nice, self-deprecatory way.

Posted by SteveC at 12:18 AM Fri 24 Mar 2000 Categories: Govt. Consultations , NTK , RIP Forced Decryption (Part III)
NTK 2000-03-17 - NTK

'St Patrick's Day, and a fitting time to answer a few mails we've had regarding the RIP Bill. Given, say our correspondents, the new insecurities installed into ISPs by the Bill would a solution be to log onto Irish ISPs, given their government's more enlightened approach to preserving privacy?' link

Posted by SteveC at 11:58 PM Fri 17 Mar 2000 Categories: NTK , RIP Forced Decryption (Part III)
NTK lead - NTK

'On Monday, the REGULATION OF INVESTIGATORY POWERS BILL will get its second reading in the Commons. Then it goes to committee, then it becomes law, and then you'll never hear from it again, because talking about most of its powers will get you five years in prison. So, when the police ask your ISP to put a tap on your mail, you won't hear about it. When your local trades and standards officer decides to take a look at your browser log for the last month, you won't hear about it. And when they come and get your private encryption key so that can read your friend's mails, you won't be able to tell your friend - or us - that it happened. Hell, you won't even be able to change your key if that might give us a clue.' link

Posted by SteveC at 02:56 PM Fri 3 Mar 2000 Categories: NTK , Privacy , RIP Comms Data (Part I Chapter 2) , RIP Forced Decryption (Part III) , RIP Interception (Part I Chapter 1)