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Archives for 'Technical countermeasures' category.

US company defeats Brit RIP Act - The Register

'Anonymous Web-surfing outfit SafeWeb has just expanded its secure server facilities in New York so that Europeans can enjoy faster access to private, and virtually anonymous, Web browsing and e-mail.' link

Posted by SteveC at 04:30 PM Fri 30 Mar 2001 Categories: RIP Interception (Part I Chapter 1) , Surveillance & Security , Technical countermeasures , The Register
Encryption tears holes in RIP - The Register

'A group of cryptographers think they have found a way to defeat the RIP Act, by making it impossible to hand over the keys to encrypted information.' link

Posted by SteveC at 03:16 PM Thu 7 Dec 2000 Categories: RIP Forced Decryption (Part III) , Surveillance & Security , Technical countermeasures , The Register
US spy software could devour RIP - VNUNET

'Developers in the US have uncovered a way of snubbing the American equivalent of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill, prompting speculation that a similar system could be introduced into the UK.'

Posted by SteveC at 04:22 PM Wed 27 Sep 2000 Categories: Technical countermeasures , VNUNET