News Coverage

  1. Guardian 30/3/2000: Three exchanges of letters between Caspar Bowden and Charles Clarke MP
  2. Computing 30/3/2000: "New law opens up private data to MI5"
  3. Computer Weekly 30/3/2000: "FEI warns Government RIP faces huge hurdles"
  4. Sunday People 26/3/2000: "FORGET YOUR PASSWORD... END UP IN JAIL"
  5. Observer 26/3/2000: "It's RIP basic human rights as 'worst UK legislation ever' looms"
  6. Irish Times 25/3/2000: "British bill may 'drive' e-commerce to Republic"
  7. BBC Radio 4 'PM' 24/3/00: Branwen Jeffreys reports on RIP  (5m 13s as Real Audio or Windows Media)
  8. Financial Times 24/3/2000:"Legal fears over e-mail tapping" (if FT link expired search here)
  9. NTK 24/3/2000: Minister in charge of Not Being Scared by The Crypto Freaks
  10. 24/3/2000: E-bugging bill gets a slating
  11. VNUNet 24/3/2000: "Snooping powers could harm cheap net access"
  12. The Register 23/3/2000: "RIP: even Big Brother is confused"
  13. 23/3/2000: "Ripping into U.K. Privacy Bill"
  14. ComputerWeekly 23/3/2000: "Banks snub bill to spy on IT data"
  15. VNUNet 23/3/2000: "UK government answers snooping bill critics"
  16. 23/3/2000: "Internet 'Snooping Bill' fails human rights audit"
  17. VNUNet 22/3/2000: "Industry tackles UK government over snooping bill"
  18. ZDNet News 22/3/00: "RIP Bill comes under fresh attack"


"to avoid unjustified suspicion and possible wrongful conviction...good practice to...use steganographic file systems...not to admit to ever having had a key"

(PRESS RELEASE: as MS-Word .doc)

Scrambling for Safety 2000

The fifth open public conference on encryption, e-commerce and Internet surveillance.

13:30 Wednesday March 22nd

Organised by the Foundation for Information Policy Research,  the Internet Service Providers Association, and Privacy International.

Sponsored by the LSE Information Systems Department, GreenNet, Poptel and LINX.

The Home Office’s Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) bill received its Second Reading in the House of Commons on March 6th, and amendments are now being considered in Standing Committee. Minister of State Charles Clarke MP, opposition parties, officials, legal, technical and industry experts will explain the purposes and consequences of the legislation and take questions from an expert audience. 

LEGAL OPINION: Updated Human Rights Audit of RIP Decryption Powers (and as MS-Word .doc)

For background briefing see :

 13:30 – 17:00, Wednesday 22nd March 2000

New Theatre, East Building, London School of Economics, Houghton St., London WC2

(maps are available of the general area, and of the school itself)

Admission is free of charge. Telephone enquiries: 0958 466552  

Registration: Send one e-mail per place required to (confirmation within 24hrs)



Chair: William Heath (Kable Ltd)

13:30 Introduction Jim Norton Head of e-commerce Policy at the IoD, (author of PIU report)
13:45 Overview Caspar Bowden Director of FIPR
14:00 Human Rights Audit of RIP Decryption Powers Tim Eicke JUSTICE, Essex Court Chambers
14:30 Keynote Charles Clarke MP Minister of State at the Home Office
14:50 Audience Q&A
15:15 Oliver Heald MP Conservative front-bench spokesperson on RIP Bill
15:30 Richard Allan MP Liberal Democrat front-bench spokesperson on RIP Bill
15:45 An ISP Technical view Richard Clayton Thus Plc
16:00 Alliance for Electronic Business legal view Ian Walden Bird and Bird, Queen Mary College
16:15 An ISP Legal View Paul Renney Theodore Goddard
16:30 Panel Q&A
Richard Riley,     Chris Farrimond Home Office RIP Bill team
Dan O'Brien STAND, Need to Know, Sunday Times
John Wadham Director, LIBERTY
Steve Thomas Association for Payment Clearing Services
Nigel Hickson DTI CIID
Chris Bailey Civil Society Internet Rights Campaign
17:00 Close

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