Scrambling for Safety 3.5

Thursday September 23 1999


Scrambling for Safety 3.5 is now over. If you missed it, you can review the folowing news articles that covered the event.

You can also review the notes from Nicholas Bohm's presentation on incrimination and legal access to keys.

Also, you can see the contents of the E-Minister's speech, presented by Patricia Hewitt.

The Foundation for Information Policy Research, Privacy International , the LSE Computer Security Research Centre, and ZDNet UK are jointly sponsoring the fourth in the series of public conferences on cryptography policy, e-commerce and Internet surveillance. This will be the second conference of 1999, and has been called in response to the exceptional circumstance of two official DTI consultations in the same year, and the Home Office's recent consultation on revising the Interception of Communications Act to cover the Internet.

The connections between Home Office policy on interception and powers proposed in Part.III of the DTI's draft Electronic Communications Bill (see FIPR Press Release) will be explored, and well as the legal framework for establishing voluntary licensing of cryptography services, and recognition of digital signatures.

Note, that if you are interested in a review of the Electronic Commerce Bill, please view Richard Clayton's Analysis of the (draft) Electronic Communications Bill 1999, compiled upon reviewing UKCrypto and through discussions with the FIPR Advisory Council.

Admission is free of charge. Telephone enquiries: 0171 354 2333

Registration: Send e-mail to with "name, organisation" in body.

Programme :

09.25 Welcome - Caspar Bowden (FIPR)

09:30 Introduction - William Heath (Kable)

10:00 "Cryptography, privacy and information warfare"

10:30 "Why we needed further consultation"

11:00 "Cryptography's central role in e-commerce policy"

11:30 "Law enforcement access to keys - legal and human rights issues"

12:00 "Crypto and security issues post-escrow"

12:15 Keynote: Patricia Hewitt MP - Minister of State for E-Commerce at the DTI

12:35 Panel discussion - Chaired by Caspar Bowden, Director of FIPR

13:30 - close

For directions to the LSE maps are available of the general area, and of the school itself on the LSE website.

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