Scrambling for Safety 8

WHAT:   An open meeting on the Home Office access to keys and
        communications code of practice consultations.

WHEN:   2-5pm, Monday 14 August 2006.

WHERE:  The Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, South Wing, UCL,
        Gower St, London WC1.


The UK Home Office is currently consulting over plans to give the police
powers to require the production of decryption keys and of plaintext.
They have also produced a draft code of practice on government access to
"communications data" -- phone numbers and e-mail addresses contacted,
web sites visited, locations of mobile phones, etc.

What impact will this have on privacy and security in the UK? Could you
go to jail for forgetting your password? Who in the 500+ agencies with
access to communications data will be looking at records of your
Internet and phone use? Will organisations with highly sensitive
cryptographic keys (such as financial institutions) move their
operations offshore?

"Scrambling for Safety 8" will bring together representatives from
government, industry and human rights organisations to discuss these
consultations with interested members of the public. This is the only
such meeting during the consultation period, and is free to attend.
Come along and make sure your voice is heard!


1400	Welcome				Dr Ian Brown, UCL Computer

1405	The Home Office			Simon Watkin, Home Office
					Simon Watkin's slides

					Detective Chief Inspector Matt Sarti
					Child Abuse Investigation Command
					Metropolitan Police Service

1420	Government access to		Dr Richard Clayton, Cambridge
	communications data	 	University Computer Laboratory
					Richard Clayton's slides

1435	Government access to		Caspar Bowden, ex-director,
	decryption keys		  	FIPR
					Caspar Bowden's slides

1450	Questions

1505	Risks to safety and		Dr Brian Gladman, MoD and
	security			NATO (retired)
					Brian Gladman's slides

1520	Errors of judgment and 		Duncan Campbell, expert witness
	integrity in presenting 	and investigative journalist
	computer-based evidence

1545	Parliamentary scrutiny of	The Earl of Erroll, House of
	RIPA and its Orders		Lords (crossbencher)

1600	Questions

1615	Compatibility with human	Prof. Douwe Korff, London
	rights law			Metropolitan University
					Douwe Korff's slides

					NB: Following the discussion at the meeting,
					Douwe Korff has set out some further thoughts
					about the increased sentences for s.53 offences
					in terrorist &	child pornography cases.

1630	Do the police need longer	Prof. Ross Anderson, Cambridge
	detention periods to 		University Computer Lab	
	investigate encrypted
					Ross Anderson's slides

1645	The changing public mood	Lord Phillips of Sudbury, House
	on privacy			of Lords (Liberal Democrat)

1700	Close


The Home Office consultation documents are at:
	(access to keys)
	(communications data code of practice)

Privacy International's wiretap page is at:

FIPR's "Surveillance and security" pages are at: