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Media coverage of the IP Enforcement Directive

Monika Ermert, EU schützt geistiges Eigentum, Heise, 19 February 2004.

Matthew Broersma, 'DMCA on steroids' heads for Euro Parliament, ZDnet UK, 19 February 2004.

Technobabble, The Times, 2 March 2004.

Matthew Broersma, Rights groups target antipiracy directive, ZDNet, 8 March 2004.

Matthew Broersma, Rights groups tackle antipiracy, Globe and Mail, 8 March 2004.

File swappers avoid home invasion, BBC News Online, 9 March 2004.

"Tauschbörsen-Direktive" verabschiedet, futurezone, 9 March 2004.

EU passes 'anti-piracy' laws, p2pnet, 9 March 2004.

European IPR enforcement directive passed with amendments,, 9 March 2004.

Matthew Clarke, European IP law draws ire of activists,, 9 March 2004.

EU launches disputed crackdown on counterfeiters, EU business, 9 March 2004.

Stefan Krempl, Europaparlament bläst zum Halali auf die Tauschbörsen-Nutzer, Heise, 9 March 2004.

Paul Meller, No criminal sanctions for file swappers in EU vote, NetworkWorldFusion, 9 March 2004.

EU Directive Could Sanction Home Invasions of File Swappers,, 9 March 2004.

Commission welcomes European Parliament support against counterfeiting and piracy, European Commission press release, IP/04/316, 9 March 2004.

Europe Cracks Down on Pirates, The Scotsman, 9 March 2004.

Lucy Sherriff, MEPs wave through IP rights enforcement, The Register, 9 March 2004.

Florent Latrive, Directive fourre-tout au Parlement européen, Liberation, 9 March 2004.

Stefan Krempl, Europaparlament bläst zum Halali auf die Tauschbörsen-Nutzer, c't, 9 March 2004.

Leigh Phillips, Europe passes intellectual rights directive,, 10 March 2004.

Europaparlament verabschiedet Richtlinie zum Schutz des geistigen Eigentums — Aus fuer Privatkopie?, Green Party press release, 10 March 2004.

Susie Harwood, Euro vote 'threatens file-swapping', Netimperative, 10 March 2004.

Matthew Broersma, Anti-piracy directive could expose consumers, ZDNet UK, 10 March 2004.

Stefan Krempl, An der neuen Copyright-Richtlinie der EU scheiden sich die Geister, Heise, 10 March 2004.

EU-Parlament gibt Jagd auf Filesharer frei, Der Spiegel, 10 March 2004.

Lucy Sherriff, No need to panic over IP rights directive, The Register, 10 March 2004.

EU verschärft Urheberrecht, Tonspion, 10 March 2004.

Dinah Greek, European directive targets file sharers, vnunet, 10 March 2004.

Malcolm Harbour and Arlene McCarthy, Tackling the property pirates, BBC News Online, 11 March 2004.

Pelle Neroth, Council pushes bad law, EU Reporter, 12 March 2004.

Neil MacCormick MEP, Anti-piracy law 'stifles innovation', BBC News Online, 18 March 2004.

Sara Yirrell, Europe squares up to pirates, VNUnet, 24 March 2004.

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