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The Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIPR) is the leading think tank for Internet policy in Britain. It studies the interaction between IT, Government, business and civil society. It researches policy implications and alternatives, and promotes better understanding and dialogue between business, Government and NGOs across Europe.

To further these objectives, the foundation's current approach is to:

  • monitor technological developments and policy initiatives in Government and business;
  • identify how information technology issues affect business, freedom of speech, privacy, democratic governance, and the accountability and efficiency of public administration;
  • commission and conduct research on relevant topics;
  • disseminate and promote the findings of research;
  • organise specialist seminars and conferences;
  • work with Parliament, officials and others to improve the quality of Government policy making and legislation;
  • use the news media to stimulate wider public debate about the policy implications of new developments in technology.

The Foundation for Information Policy Research is registered in England under the Companies Act 1985 as a private company limited by guarantee (No. 3574631). The registered office address is '10 Water End, Wrestlingworth, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 2HA, UK'.

The Foundation for Information Policy Research is a non-profit organisation established in May 1998. Policy is governed by an independent board of trustees in consultation with an expert advisory council.

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