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May 2002 Archives

Email snooping bill enrages privacy groups -

'Privacy groups are up in arms over European laws concerning electronic data retention, spam and cookies which were passed today.' link

Posted by SteveC at 07:33 PM Thu 30 May 2002 Categories: Privacy , RIP Interception (Part I Chapter 1) ,
Who's looking at your notes? -

'AS PART of the reform of the National Health Service (NHS), the government has promised a more user-friendly system ?where the patient is in the driving seat?. Key to this is informed consent, giving patients more say in their dealings with the NHS. But a new piece of legislation, which comes into force on June 1st, has some worried that the government is taking back the wheel.' link

Posted by SteveC at 07:15 PM Thu 30 May 2002 Categories: , Patient Records , Privacy
Snooping Bill: It's back and this time it's personal -

'Blanket surveillance of communications data could become a reality as the European Parliament votes on a key amendment to telecommunications law on Thursday.' link

Posted by SteveC at 07:30 PM Wed 29 May 2002 Categories: Human Rights , Privacy ,
European 'spying' laws savaged - BBC

'Civil liberty groups have condemned a European Parliament decision to let law enforcers spy on phone and net users.' link

Posted by SteveC at 07:41 PM Mon 20 May 2002 Categories: BBC , Privacy