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Snooping code delay until end of the year
5 April 2001

Snooping code delay until end of the year- Iain Bourne, strategic policy manager at the Information Commission, said: "We got a lot of very detailed submissions, some of which were longer than the code itself. The code was supposed to colour in the skeletal outline of the law. Some thought it went beyond that." The commission will now take expert advice before publishing the final version of the code, "hopefully by the end of the year," Mr Bourne added.....The delay risks leaving both employers and staff in legal limbo. Sarah Veale, senior policy officer at the Trades Union Congress, said: "A lot of us were relying on the code to clarify when the right to privacy protects the employee . . . we need it to help employers, as much as employees. If we're not going to have a code (this year), then if someone is unfairly treated it means we may have to go to court. That's got to be the inevitable consequence." The Confederation of British Industry said it hoped the delay reflected a "fundamental rethink" of the code. "Our response (to the commission) contained a number of very serious objections to the code. We said it was too complicated and too long and that some parts, such as e-mail, were unworkable," said Rod Armitage, head of legal affairs.

Posted by SteveC at 01:10 PM Thu 5 Apr 2001 Categories: Code of Practice , Financial Times , Govt. Consultations