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Archives for 'Wired News' category.

Blair Tagged as Privacy Threat - Wired News

London-based Privacy International announced Monday its 2003 U.K. Big Brother Awards, which the group presents annually to "the most persistent and egregious privacy invaders in Britain." link

Posted by SteveC at 11:06 AM Wed 26 Mar 2003 Categories: Awards , Wired News
Privacy Battle Brews in England - Wired News

'Clean up your hard drive and mind your manners if you live in or are traveling to the United Kingdom. Police there may soon be able to copy and store the contents of computers, collect and warehouse samples of human DNA and fine people for misdemeanors without having to arrest them first.' link

Posted by SteveC at 03:44 PM Tue 23 Jan 2001 Categories: Privacy , Surveillance & Security , Wired News
ISPs 'RIP' Into British Police - Wired News

'A stream of "stupid questions" posed by technically callow police officers trying to enforce a controversial law are angering Britain's Internet service providers, who are threatening to move their businesses out of the country if authorities don't wise up soon.' link

Posted by SteveC at 03:42 PM Fri 19 Jan 2001 Categories: Cost to industry , Cybercrime , Surveillance & Security , Wired News
Brits Tone Down Email Bill - Wired News

'LONDON -- The British government tabled a series of amendments to its bill allowing police and security services to view private emails on Tuesday to head off a brewing revolt in the upper chamber of parliament.' link

Posted by SteveC at 01:07 PM Tue 27 Jun 2000 Categories: Cost to industry , Wired News
British E-Commerce to RIP? - Wired News

'LONDON -- Draft legislation allowing security officials to monitor business emails could prevent Britain becoming a leader in e-commerce, the British Chambers of Commerce warned Monday. It said companies could face huge civil liability claims from clients who believe confidentiality has been breached by police investigation of electronic messages' link

Posted by SteveC at 03:55 PM Mon 5 Jun 2000 Categories: Cost to industry , Wired News
Ripping into U.K. Privacy Bill - Wired News

'LONDON -- Privacy advocates say a proposed bill that could force Internet service providers hand over data traffic information would harm Britain's e-commerce environment and encourage e-business companies to locate elsewhere. But in keeping with the heated tone the debate has taken, one government official attending a conference Wednesday at the London School of Economics claimed the bill would help "make the U.K. the best place in the world for e-commerce." ' link

Posted by SteveC at 12:11 AM Thu 23 Mar 2000 Categories: Govt. Consultations , Human Rights , RIP Forced Decryption (Part III) , Wired News
U.K. Crypto Law a Key Issue - Wired News

'LONDON -- Law enforcement officials speaking to the House of Commons said criminals were using the Internet and without new powers those crimes would go undetected by police. Their comments came Monday as home secretary Jack Straw announced the second reading of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill. The measure would update legislation and give more power to law enforcement agencies to intercept electronic communications.' link

Posted by SteveC at 03:02 PM Tue 7 Mar 2000 Categories: RIP Forced Decryption (Part III) , Wired News
Irish, UK Crypto Regs Far Apart - Wired News

'DUBLIN, Ireland -- Britain is likely to become the first country in the world to make imprisonment a possible consequence of refusing to surrender, or even losing, one's private encryption keys. At the same time, neighboring Ireland is preparing legislation that would make it the first country to prohibit law enforcement from forcing encryption users to hand over their private keys.' link

Posted by SteveC at 02:42 PM Wed 16 Feb 2000 Categories: Privacy , RIP Forced Decryption (Part III) , RIP Interception (Part I Chapter 1) , Wired News